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  • Custom designed returnable totes with nests. We can design and produce custom containers to fit your needs, contact us to discuss what would work best for you! The photo is an example of one such custom designed returnable tote with nest. The nest has six cells to hold the intended items snuggly during transportation. 

  • “Fire Watch” safety vest: neon orange with reflective stripes.   This brightly colored safety vest allows easy visual identification of the individual who is designated on “Fire Watch” duty at the work site.   Your company name and/or logo can be printed on the front. Contact us for details!

  • We can work with you to design the best packaging for your products’ needs. We have over 80+ collective years of experience in the industry. So contact us now to learn about your options!   The photos are a small selection of the packaging we have designed for other companies.

  • We can design and print custom printing on cardboard boxes. Your company name & logo can go on any of the faces of the box, and we have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of boxes available.  The photos are of a small selection of custom printed boxes to give you an idea of what is possible. 

  • 3D IMAGING SERVICEMeasure and compare formed features or material structure 3D CAD created from your material sample, becomes a meshed model for modeling & simulation, and/or compared to a second surface.  Contact us to learn more about this new and innovative ability!

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items