Enviro. Friendly Bundling with 3″ Core

Bundling film is more economical and quicker to use than strapping or tape for combining items for shipment. Comes on a 3″ core, with one plastic dispenser included in each case.



Utilizing today’s most high performance films, our Environmentally Friendly bundling wrap provides savings as well as greater performance.

  • Experience less neck-down and wider coverage using this film.
  • Provides cost savings and source reduction.
  • One plastic dispenser is included in each case.
  • Film will not leave a residue on products.
  • Quiet and clear cast film.
  • Replaces gauges 80, 90 and 120.


Available in a variety of widths (3″, 5″) and equivalent gauges (70, 80, 90, 120)

2019 Price guide for 3″ wide Environmentally Friendly Bundling Stretch Wrap, with 3″ core. There are 18 rolls per case, and 60 cases per pallet.

Dimensions Equivalent Gauge $ per pallet
3” x 1000′ 70  $  1,755.00
3” x 1000′ 80  $  1,979.64
3” x 1000′ 90  $  2,204.28
3” x 700′ 120  $  2,063.88

*Contact us for a price quote for other widths, or discounts on multiple pallets.

Bickley Brand bundling stretch wrap is sold by the pallet load. For bundling stretch wrap sold by the case, please see our distributed Packaging Supplies Store.