Our solutions span a wide-range of industries and can fit any budget. Check out these case-studies from some of our happy customers. Have questions? We'd love to talk with you further about how Bickley Innovations can help.

tape applied to box

Superior products & DSQ Process

◊ Customer: One of the world's largest retailing corporations.
◊ Opportunity: Customer was losing product due to case-sealing tape failure.
◊ Bickley Solution: DSQ process identified the root cause of tape failure. Recommended product with material specifications which would not fail while in use.
◊ Results: Customer confirmed with test, that recommended product worked well.

Packaging R&D Services

◊ Customer: Multi-national Consumer Goods Corporation
◊ Opportunity: Customer's project milestones were in jeopardy due to back-log in their material analysis department.
◊ Bickley Solution: Bickley provided a 3 day turnaround for electron microscope material characterization complete with written report & microscopic images.
◊ Results: Customer received critical analysis 18 days sooner by outsourcing to BI. Customer met initial project timing.

Pack Out Service

◊ Customer: Marie Osmond's MD Complete Skin Care
◊ Opportunity: Customer needed assistance kitting and distributing an item for a national launch.
◊ Bickley Solution: Bickley pack out service team created a unique process flow which accelerated throughput.
◊ Results: Product was kitted in record time and distributed 900 retail locations nationwide.

Cost Saving Analysis - Moving Supplies

◊ Customer: Becky Reed
◊ Opportunity: Customer was downsizing from house to condo and needed cost effective moving supplies for the move and storage of items.
◊ Bickley Solution: Using the Bickley DSQ process, we optimized the quantities, sizes and box styles which best met her budget and storage space requirements.
◊ Results: She saved money over big-box stores, purchased only what she needed, and enjoyed the delivery of supplies right to her doorstep - Bickley will deliver moving supplies to you!

DSQ Process - Construction

◊ Customer: Lithko Restoration Technologies
◊ Opportunity: Customer repairs and restores floors and needed a tape that was strong enough to hold but did not leave residue.
◊ Bickley Solution: We translated the customer's "wants" into technical specifications through DSQ process which allowed us to recommend two options of tape from the over 200+ tape skus we carry.
◊ Results: Lithko tested and continues to use one of the tapes suggested because it solves their strength vs. residue concerns.

Custom-Designed Cold Ship Container

◊ Customer: Global conglomerate Fortune 500 Medical Tech Company
◊ Opportunity: Customer needed to ship biological materials at below freezing temperatures across the country.
◊ Bickley Solution: We designed prototypes and manufactured a custom insert for their existing commercial ice chest.
◊ Results: Our insert hold the packaged biological materials and enough dry ice to make the 3 day trip.

Custom-Designed Packaging - Automotive

◊ Customer: Tom Smith Industries
◊ Opportunity: Customer needed WIP returnable totes with custom-designed nests for their automotive component subassemblies.
◊ Bickley Solution: Because of customer's budget constraint, we utilized the DSQ process to identify commercial "off the shelf" ideas which would not require additional tool costs or long lead times.
◊ Results: The customer received a custom design that had a small lead time, was low cost, and met their needs.

Custom-Designed Packaging - Automotive

◊ Customer: Natural Shea Care
◊ Opportunity: Customer wanted an eye-catching custom printed box for an assortment of their product samples.
◊ Bickley Solution: We determined the best-fit stock size then designed artwork that tells their awesome brand story.
◊ Results: Our customer gave these boxes away at their event. A corporate manager loved the sample box so much that she asked to purchase some for a personal event that she was hosting.

Custom-Designed Packaging - Automotive

◊ Customer: My Root Therapy
◊ Opportunity: Customer starting up a new business wanted to purchase shipping boxes for a hair care e-commerce business.
◊ Bickley Solution: We determined the best-fit stock mailer box size that would fit her desired USPS envelope and protect the bottles in transit. We also provided filler options that would hold the product in place during shipment and enhance the unboxing experience.
◊ Results: Our customer has had zero shipping complaints and received interest from 2 celebrities that received the product.